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Jodie Atherton Artist

Jodie Atherton Artist Website

Jodie Atherton is a local artist in the beautiful mountain community of Laramie, Wyoming. The heart of her art is to take found items and turn them into unique contemporary works that include figurative pieces, jewelry, mosaics and ceramic installations.

Web Development

Jodie came to me looking for a web designer to help her website design come alive. There were many things she wanted to see changed to help bring her artwork to the forefront of her site. The website accents her striking sculptures and 3D artwork with soft colors and beautiful photographs of her work. I also helped with her SEO and website speed to help her web presence.

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Graphic Design

Jodie has worked with me on a few graphic design projects including business cards and flyers for when she is visiting trade shows. We keep her look consistent with her website to send a cohesive message for her as an artist.