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Laramie Police Department Foundation

Laramie Police Department Foundation Website

The Laramie Police Department Foundation was created in order to foster a positive relationship between the Laramie Police Department personnel and the youth of the Laramie community. This goal is accomplished through fund raising efforts by the LPD Foundation.

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Brand Design

The primary goal of the LPD Foundation is to bring the local police department and the community youth together in a positive light. This brand signifies this goal. It symbolizes that the local law enforcement are there to help and protect our community.

Web Development

The LPD Foundation website is a place for the community to come and learn more about the foundation as well as support and donate to its various programs. The goal of the website is to be professional but also showcase the involvement of the LPD with the community youth.

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Graphic Design

The LPD Foundation required a variety of graphic design needs for banners, flyers, and signs depending on events and special occasions.