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Pacific Northwest Society for Range Management

PNWSRM Website

The Pacific Northwest Society for Range Management (PNWSRM) promotes ways to maintain or enhance the integrity of the ecological community critical to the watersheds, plants, animals & people that depend on rangelands for their sustenance.

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Brand Design

PNWSRM did not have a brand to utilize. The SRM parent society uses the iconic "trail boss" image and so we used that same vector that had been stylized by a member of theirs. The icon is specific to their region and reflects their membership.

Web Development

The PNWSRM website needed to be modernized and reorganized for easier access of information and a better user experience. The website utilizes templates so that web managers can populate information in the backend and the front-end reflects a well designed page.

Digital Marketing

One of the needs of the PNWSRM was to set them up with a social media presence and online email marketing. I helped put together their Facebook page and Mailchimp email templates to communicate with their membership.