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Sharon Leino, Author

Sharon Leino Author Website

Sharon Leino always had a great imagination. As a child, she expressed herself through poetry, pouring out her feelings about love, adventure, anger, and being bullied. Today she is a children’t author of the book series, The Adventure’s of Lusair.

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Brand Design

Sharon is a children's author who needed a website and brand refresh. I helped create a simple logo that is clear who she is and what she does. The colors are strong just like the young characters in her book series.

Web Development

Sharon Leino needed a website redesign using her current WIX platform. I modernized her website and added clear defining sections for each book and for her as an author. The style is whimsical and fun, just like her books are.

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Graphic Design

I helped Sharon develop a digital and mobile cover design for her book to use on her website and throuhout other marketing items. I also helped design an email template for her mailing list.