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The Local Crowd

The Local Crowd Website Design

Started in 2012, The Local Crowd® works with rural communities to create local crowdfunding ecosystems that support growth and sustainability of local businesses and organizations. I have worked with this start-up since the beginning and have helped with the following services:

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Brand Design

I worked with TLC to create their brand, which has developed over the years. The boxes reflect connection and the leaf reflects growth in your community.

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Graphic Design

I have worked on many print and digital graphic design items. I have created such things as stationary, marketing materials, graphics, training documents and more.

Web Development

The Local Crowd has transitioned and developed over time. I did a website redesign in 2021. I also was in charge of building the new crowdfunding platform using a variety of plugins that speak to each other. We also contracted with developers to make plugin customizations to our technology. This is a large and tech heavy project that is ongoing. This website integrates WP Crowdfunding with Woocommerce to create a crowdfunding ecommerce site.